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Created 2018-01-02
Owner cigscheaper
Description A recent letter to the editor expressed the view that a large jury verdict against Philip Morris awarded to a 64-year-old California woman who has lung cancer was unwarranted since smokers Cigarette Tobacco For Sale, not tobacco companies, should be held accountable for their actions Newport Cigarettes Website. I served as an expert witness in this case and have served as a witness in many other cases against big tobacco Cheapest Cigarettes. The plaintiff will pay the ultimate price for her bad choice to smoke. She has terminal lung cancer and most likely will be dead long before the courts are through dealing with the endless appeals that will follow. Philip Morris, on the other hand, will add a few pennies to the cost of its cigarettes and chalk this loss up to the cost of doing business. I would suggest that smokers do share some responsibility for the consequences of their actions. However Buying Cigarettes Online, corporations that deliberately lie and deceive their customers should also be held accountable for their actions. What was revealed to the jury in this case was that Philip Morris knowingly and effectively recruited teens as customers, lied to smokers regarding what it knew about the health risks of smoking and designed its cigarettes to induce and maintain dependency for the expressed purpose of maximizing profits Marlboro Lights Carton. While the $28 billion jury verdict was admittedly shocking by its size, what is more shocking is that $28 billion is still not enough to induce Philip Morris to change the way it does business. In 1954, at just about the same time that the plaintiff in this case started smoking, Philip Morris proclaimed its cigarettes were safe and said if cigarettes were ever found to be harmful to human health, it would stop business tomorrow. The last time I checked, Marlboros were still for sale.
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